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Improved Features between Windows 7 and Windows 8

With Windows 8 releasing in less than a week, I feel that it would be appropriate to write this. Ever since the first preview of it ("Developer Preview") people have been kind of vocal about it mainly because of the start screen and the missing start button. People hating Windows 8 at this time is nothing new: people hated Windows 95 when it came out because of the completely revamped UI over previous versions (Windows 3.1), developers hated Windows 2000 for it not having DOS, people hated Windows XP for its "Fisher Price" interface that they either switch to the classic UI or stick to earlier versions (Windows 98, 2000) during its first years. If it weren't for the huge time gap between XP and Vista, Vista wouldn't be hated as much, though Windows 7 might have been hated too if Vista wasn't released first (technically, they are both the same). Most people don't look past the new interface, but the Windows 8 start screen really is the new desktop, along with a list of improvements over Windows 7
  • Build-in Anti Virus and Smart Screen filter Doesn't slow the system down unlike most anti virus software, and faster than Windows 7 when enabled by default.
  • Better multi monitor support Taskbar on each monitor + Different wallpapers across all displays
  • Faster boot/shut down/sleep/wake times I run both Windows XP and 8 on the same hardware, and the latter does boot a lot faster.
  • Uses less RAM Better overall performance than 7 at most tasks
  • Hyper-V (previously only a Windows Server feature that which lets you run a virtualized OS)Infinite backwards compatibly. If something down work on Windows 8, just install XP or even Windows 95 in Hyper-V and run it on that.
  • New File History feature to recover old files.
  • Better file management Also allows you to pause file copying too.
  • Virtual Hard Drive Lets you use ISO and VHD files as a hard drive
  • Built-in RAW file format support used in DSLR's cameras
  • Support for orientation image data When you take a photo with a camera, the thumbnail image is displayed in the correct orientation
  • Ribbon added to the File Explorer
  • Completely overhauled boot system and new graphical screens The screen that lets you select multiple operating systems now supports touch, mouse and keyboard, and no more white text on a black background. Disk Check could also be accessed from there.
  • Vastly improved Task Manager
  • Better battery life than any previous Windows OS
  • New Language features in the Control Panel Download and switch between any Windows language for free. This is something previously available only Windows Vista/7 Ultimate Edition, or as separate Windows versions that you could only reinstall from scratch
  • You can use the keyboard to navigate around the start screen more quickly
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Written by Haruka Takahashi on Tuesday, October 23, 2012