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Injuration: December 2008

Facebook gets hit with a virus

Facebook has been hit with a virus that could spread to its 120 million users. The virus has been dubbed "knobface", which tries to gather personal information from users computers such as credit card numbers.

The virus dubbed "knobface" sends a message to all the friends of the infected titled "You look just awesome in this new movie". Users who opened the messaged where asked to download a fake update for Adobe flash player, which was actually the virus itself being downloaded and installed onto victims computers. If users attempted to use any of the major three search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Live search, users would be taken to contaminated sites.

All users are being asked to run their updated anti-virus scanners to check for potential contamination. Facebook has also posted a response to help users clean infected machines on their security web site.

The "knobface" hit MySpace in August, where users had a similar situation where the virus took over their computer. Researchers believe that this is not the last of the "knobface" virus we will see, but the hacker or hackers are improving it.

Written by Haruka Takahashi on Saturday, December 6, 2008

Windows Live Wave 3 rolled out

Earlier this week Microsoft updated their Hotmail service to the new Windows Live Wave 3. Though Home and Spaces remained the same. Yesterday however, those were also updated with new features and gadgets.

The New Live Wave 3 which seems to have been rolled out feaures Dynamic themes, updated Weather forecasts, and the ability to add pictures. The page itself also integrates a number of services. All your messenger contact info is sent to Windows Live Home, additionally, Office Workspaces has also been integrated to show all files and folders added.

Now let's talk about SkyDrive. SkyDrive got a major boost. Last week you were able to store up to 5GB, now it has been boosted to 25GB. Folders have also been neatly organized, however, the ability to view friends SkyDrive's seems to have been removed.

Downloads have also been included. These Downloads are the new Live Wave 3 Programs which include WLM 9.0, WLMD (Windows Live Mail Desktop), WLMM (Windows Live Movie Maker), WLW (Windows Live Writer) etc, however they are ALL BETA and will not be released until Feb, 09. Finally, Spaces. Spaces seems to be out of service at the moment unfortunately, this has been confirmed by a number of people.

To check this out and more, go to: http://home.live.com

Written by Haruka Takahashi on Thursday, December 4, 2008